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The difference between a blog and a column as far as this site is concerned is that a column is written to a schedule by an author and is subject to editorial control.

I have been writing a monthly column for CMSWire since late 2011. In 2012 and 2013 the column was mainly about intranet management, but in 2014 it was re-launched as a column on enterprise search, including website search. I have had the honour of being rated as one of the Top Contributors to CMSWire each year from 2012. Links to the columns appear below. 2017 column titles will be added as they are published.

Other contributors who cover search-related topics in their columns are Jed Cawthorne, Miles Kehoe, Sam Marshall and Joe Shepley

Injecting a Little Reality into the Enterprise Search Hype July 2017

What Happens When Text Mining and Search Converge? Document Analytics June 2017

Proof of Concept for Enterprise Search. Good Idea or Time Drain? May 2017

Searching Enterprise Networks. Hard, and Getting Harder April 2017

The Ins and Outs of Search Application Testing  March 2017

A Sign of Search Progress – From an Expected Place  February 2017

10 Questions to Assess Your Organization’s Commitment to Search  January 2017

Why People Search: 3 Use Cases December 2016

Enterprise Search Means Finding Information, Not Just Documents November 2016

How to Approach a Post-Acquisition Enterprise Search Strategy October 2016

Understanding Information Behavior in Your Organization September 2016

Text Mining: An Opportunity Ripe for Enterprise Search Vendors August 2016

In Enterprise Search, High Quality Trumps All July 2016

Searching for Expertise: Will the Real Expert Please Stand Up? June 2016

Enterprise Search Is Bringing Me Down May 2016

Enterprise Search’s Wicked Problem: User Acceptance Testing  April 2016

What Date Is It? March 2016

Pulling Out All The Stops In Search Training February 2016

Google Search Appliance Fades Away  February 2016

Enterprise Search Information is a Click Away January 2016

Fine-Tuning a Search-Based Intranet December 2015

What Poor Website Search Says About Your Company November 2015

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