Although the basic technical and information science aspects of search date back to the late 1950s there is a very active information retrieval community publishing a significant volume of research papers in peer-reviewed journals and conference papers. The objective of this section is to highlight research that is of specific interest to the effective use and management of enterprise search applications.

Initially this section consists of a list of the Research Notes on search-related topics that have been published by Intranet Focus and a list of surveys on the implementation, management and use of enterprise search applications.

There is a page  listing ‘market’ surveys on enterprise search implementation and a page that sets out lists of research reports from Microsoft, Google and Yahoo and also lists of resources that have been compiled by other organisations

During 2016 the Research Update section will be used to highlight a selection of recently published research papers, based primarily on tracking new additions to the ACM Digital Library and the lists of reports published by the research teams at Hewlett Packard, IBM,  Microsoft and Oracle.

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