Research Lists & Links

This page provides a set of links to resources on information retrieval and search. The resources were checked in December 2016

Information Retrieval Resources

This set of links was compiled by the Natural Language Processing Group at Stanford University. It covers books, journals, test collections, research schools and much more. However it has not been updated since 2009 and a number of the links are dead.

Microsoft Academic Search – Information Retrieval

This is a very well curated list of links to leading authors, journals, conferences, keywords and organisations.

Microsoft – SharePoint and Enterprise Search Survival Guide

A collection of links to mainly Microsoft Tech Net and related resources. It was last updated in August 2015

ACM SIGIR List of Resources

This list is curated by the Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval and has resources on evaluation tools, test collections, journals and books


This is the newsletter of SIGIR which is published in June and December. The December 2015 issue is now available

Information Science Journals

This is a list of the 200 most highly cited journals in information and library science

Microsoft Technical Reports

This list of nearly 13,000 reports from the research carried out by Microsoft is unique amongst the major IT companies. Most of the reports can be downloaded free of charge

Research at Google

Google carries out research in 20 disciplines, one of which is information retrieval and the web

Research at Yahoo

This lists the titles of Yahoo research reports. The abstract has to be clicked open for each title. Yahoo should take a look at Microsoft and Google!

Information Schools (iSchools)

There are around 60 Information Schools globally. Most of them offer modules in information retrieval and so are a source of graduates with a good grounding in information science and information retrieval. Other academic institutions also teach information retrieval at graduate level and carry out IR research but there seems to be no comprehensive list of these.

Text Retrieval Conference (TREC)

TREC takes place every year in the USA. Its purpose is to support research within the information retrieval community by providing the infrastructure necessary for large-scale evaluation of text retrieval methodologies. The proceedings of the conference give a valuable insight into the future directions of search

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