Chapter Resources

Most of the individual chapters also include a “Further Reading” section listing out more specialized sources of information that have either been referred to in the chapter or will provide additional information and guidance. The list of resources is not intended to be in any way a full bibliography for the chapter and the selection is very much a personal one.

The arrangement is in reverse chronological order so that additional references can be added in a visible way. This differs from the arrangement in Enterprise Search, which is why at first glance the lists of papers and reports may look radically different from those on this website. In addition the Further Reading sections in the book as published refer to books that are listed in the Core Library. These are also excluded from the lists in this website as most of them would otherwise be listed in each of the chapters.Also excluded are briefing papers on enterprise search. Many of these are very good but they tend to vanish without warning, or are retitled and/or given a new URL.

Some of the references require a subscription to the journal. In these cases there is a URL to the journal web page. Intranet Focus is not able to provide copies of these references because of the provisions of copyright legislation in the USA and in the EU. Occasionally journal papers may be released by the authors or by their academic institution and can be found on the Google Scholar site.

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