The Book

Enhancing Business Performance

Are you are looking for advice on

How to make a business case for an investment in a search application?

How to go about preparing an enterprise search strategy?

How to specify and select commercial and open source search applications?

What skills you will need in your search support team?

How to assess and then enhance search performance?

This book provides advice on these subjects and many others in the course of 19 Chapters, ending with ten critical success factors for enterprise search success. You can see the list of topics in the column alongside. You can buy it from O’Reilly Media or from Amazon. The current e-Book price is just $25.99. That’s less that 10 cents a page for a book that could transform the way your employees find information across your organisation.

The subtitle is Enhancing Business Performance. This is a book is written for business managers who have recognised the risks of not being able to find the information they need to make good decisions, and need to take action before it is too late to do so. It is written in a non-technical style, though with just enough explanation of the technology to help managers understand how search works The advice I give is always vendor-neutral, and that is the approach I have taken in this book, which is based on the outcomes of over 50 major search projects conducted over the last decade.

For 2017 this site now contains a Search Blog which already includes all the search-related posts from my blog on the Intranet Focus Ltd site.

Some the search projects I have undertaken in 2016 have been

  • Advising on the implementation of a federated search application for a global law firm
  • Undertaking an analysis of text mining technology and its applications
  • Conducting a formative assessment of the website search for a global professional services firm
  • Assessing the performance of the search application on the intranet of a global pharmaceutical company
  • Preparing an analysis of good practice in enterprise search governance
  • Developing a search evaluation methodology with colleagues from the Information School, University of Sheffield

I have also written a book on building client-consultant partnerships based on experience from around 500 consulting engagements conducted since 1986

Martin White

Managing Director, Intranet Focus Ltd and Visiting Professor at the Information School, University of Sheffield

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