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This website provides all the resources you are likely to need to move on from reading Enterprise Search to ensure that your employees can find the information they are looking for quickly enough to maintain your competitive advantage and meet your organisation’s objectives.

An A-Z of what needs to be covered in an enterprise search strategy

Lists of blogs and discussion groups, books, reports and research papers on search, e-discovery and content analytics

Lists of search vendors and search integrators

Updates to the lists of research papers that appear at the end of each chapter of the book

Links to monthly columns on search implementation published by CMSWire


More resources will be added on a regular basis to ensure that this site remains the starting point for anyone with an interest in enterprise search.

This is not an official O’Reilly Media website. O’Reilly Media provides an opportunity to comment on the book and submit errata.

The site was last reviewed and updated on 25 May 2016. Note that the dates given in the categorisation of research papers in the Chapter sections refer to the date of publication of the paper, not the date it was added to the site.

 Martin White

Managing Director, Intranet Focus Ltd and Visiting Professor at the Information School, University of Sheffield